The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones
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The Rolling Stones. Linksboven Mick Jagger, rechtsboven Keith Richards, linksonder Ronnie Wood en rechtsonder Charlie Watts.
Ook bekend als
Actief 1962-heden
Genre(s) Rock en Rock'n Roll
Huidige leden Mick Jagger (1962-heden), zang, mondharmonica, gitaar; Keith Richards (1962-heden), gitaar, zang; Charlie Watts (1963-heden), drums; Ron Wood (1975-heden), gitaar
Oud-leden Brian Jones † (Slaggitaar en zang); Mick Taylor (Leadgitaar); Bill Wyman (Basgitaar); Ian Stewart † (Piano)
Portaal Portaalicoon Muziek

The Rolling Stones is een wereldberoemde Engelse rockgroep. Ze zijn begonnen in Londen in 1962 en zijn nog steeds actief, maar hebben minder succes dan in het begin.

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De singles

Uitgebracht Titel
jun 1963 "Come On"
nov 1963 "I Wanna Be Your Man"
feb 1964 "Not Fade Away"
jan 1964 "You Better Move On"
jun 1964 "Carol"
jun 1964 "Tell Me"
jun 1964 "It's All Over Now"
sep 1964 "Time Is on My Side"
nov 1964 "Little Red Rooster"
dec 1964 "Heart of Stone"
dec 1964 "What a Shame"
jan 1965 "Route 66"
jan 1965 "Under the Boardwalk"
feb 1965 "The Last Time"
feb 1965 "Play with Fire"
mei 1965 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
sep 1965 "Get Off of My Cloud"
dec 1965 "As Tears Go By"
feb 1966 "19th Nervous Breakdown"
apr 1966 "Fortune Teller"
mei 1966 "Paint It Black"
jun 1966 "Mother's Little Helper"
jun 1966 "Lady Jane"
sep 1966 "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?"
jan 1967 "Let's Spend the Night Together"
jan 1967 "Ruby Tuesday"
aug 1967 "We Love You"
sep 1967 "Dandelion"
dec 1967 "In Another Land"
dec 1967 "She's a Rainbow"
dec 1967 "2000 Light Years from Home"
mei 1968 "Jumpin' Jack Flash"
aug 1968 "Street Fighting Man"
feb 1969 "Sympathy for the Devil"
jul 1969 "Honky Tonk Women"
jan 1970 "Live with Me"
aug 1970 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Re-issue)
mrt 1971 "Little Queenie" (Live)
apr 1971 "Brown Sugar"
jun 1971 "Wild Horses"
jul 1971 "Street Fighting Man" (UK re-issue)
feb 1972 "Let It Rock" (Live)
apr 1972 "Tumbling Dice"
apr 1972 "Sweet Black Angel"
jul 1972 "Rocks Off"
jul 1972 "Happy"
jul 1972 "All Down the Line"
apr 1973 "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
apr 1973 "Sad Day"
aug 1973 "Angie"
okt 1973 "Sympathy for the Devil" (Edit)
dec 1973 "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)"
feb 1974 "Star Star"
jul 1974 "It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)"
okt 1974 "Ain't Too Proud to Beg"
nov 1974 "Dance Little Sister"
mei 1975 "I Don't Know Why"
aug 1975 "Out of Time"
apr 1976 "Fool to Cry"
jun 1976 "Hot Stuff"
mei 1978 "Miss You"
sep 1978 "Beast of Burden"
sep 1978 "Respectable"
nov 1978 "Shattered"
jun 1980 "Emotional Rescue"
sep 1980 "She's So Cold"
apr 1981 "If I Was a Dancer (Dance Pt. 2)"
aug 1981 "Start Me Up"
okt 1981 "Little T&A"
nov 1981 "Waiting on a Friend"
mrt 1982 "Hang Fire"
jun 1982 "Going to a Go-Go" (Live)
sep 1982 "Time Is on My Side" (Live)
nov 1983 "Undercover of the Night"
dec 1983 "Too Much Blood"
jan 1984 "She Was Hot"
mrt 1984 "Think I'm Going Mad"
jul 1984 "Too Tough"
jul 1984 "Brown Sugar" (UK re-issue)
feb 1986 "Harlem Shuffle"
apr 1986 "Winning Ugly"
mei 1986 "One Hit (To the Body)"
aug 1988 "Paint It Black" (Australian re-issue)
aug 1989 "Mixed Emotions"
sep 1989 "Sad Sad Sad"
nov 1989 "Rock and a Hard Place"
jan 1990 "Almost Hear You Sigh"
jun 1990 "Paint It Black" (Re-issue)
jun 1990 "Angie" (Re-issue)
jun 1990 "She's a Rainbow" (Re-issue)
aug 1990 "Terrifying"
okt 1990 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Re-issue)
mrt 1991 "Highwire"
mei 1991 "Ruby Tuesday" (Live)
mei 1991 "Sex Drive"
nov 1991 "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (Live)
jul 1994 "Love Is Strong"
sep 1994 "You Got Me Rocking"
nov 1994 "Out of Tears"
jan 1995 "Sparks Will Fly"
jul 1995 "I Go Wild"
okt 1995 "Like a Rolling Stone" (Live)
mrt 1996 "Wild Horses" (Live)
sep 1997 "Anybody Seen My Baby?"
dec 1997 "Flip the Switch"
jan 1998 "Saint of Me"
aug 1998 "Out of Control"
nov 1998 "Gimme Shelter" (Live)
mrt 1999 "Memory Motel" (Live)
okt 2002 "Don't Stop"
sep 2003 "Sympathy for the Devil" (Remix)
aug 2005 "Streets of Love"
aug 2005 "Rough Justice"
nov 2005 "Oh No, Not You Again"
dec 2005 "Rain Fall Down"
feb 2006 "Brown Sugar" (Re-issue)
aug 2006 "Biggest Mistake"
mrt 2007 "Gimme Shelter" (Digital re-issue)
mei 2007 "Paint It Black" (Digital re-issue)
nov 2007 "She's a Rainbow" (Digital re-issue)
apr 2008 "Sympathy for the Devil" (Digital re-issue)
dec 2009 "Wild Horses" (Digital re-issue)
apr 2010 "Beast of Burden" (Digital re-issue)
apr 2010 "Plundered My Soul"
apr 2011 "Brown Sugar" (Vinyl re-issue)
nov 2011 "No Spare Parts"
aug 2012 "Start Me Up" (Digital re-issue)
okt 2012 "Doom and Gloom"
jan 2013 "One More Shot"
jul 2015 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Vinyl re-issue)
okt 2016 "Just Your Fool"
okt 2016 "Hate to See You Go"
dec 2016 "Ride 'Em On Down"
apr 2019 "She's a Rainbow" (Live 2017)

De albums

Live- en verzamelalbums zijn niet vermeld

Titel Uitgebracht
Rolling Stones (UK) apr 1964
England's Newest Hit Makers (US) mei 1964
12 X 5 (US) okt 1964
The Rolling Stones No. 2 (UK) jan 1965
The Rolling Stones, Now! (US) feb 1965
Out of Our Heads (US) jul 1965
Out of Our Heads (UK) sep 1965
December's Children (And Everybody's) (US) dec 1965
Aftermath (UK) apr 1966
Aftermath (US) jun 1966
Between the Buttons (UK) jan 1967
Between the Buttons (US) feb 1967
Their Satanic Majesties Request dec 1967
Beggars Banquet dec 1968
Let It Bleed dec 1969
Sticky Fingers apr 1971
Exile on Main St. mei 1972
Goats Head Soup aug 1973
It's Only Rock 'n Roll okt 1974
Black and Blue apr 1976
Some Girls jun 1978
Emotional Rescue jun 1980
Tattoo You aug 1981
Undercover nov 1983
Dirty Work mrt 1986
Steel Wheels aug 1989
Voodoo Lounge jul 1994
Bridges to Babylon sep 1997
A Bigger Bang sep 2005
Blue & Lonesome dec 2016
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